To support the transformation of existing SME’s, Tier 1 & Tier 2’s into volume automotive composite material suppliers

This activity supports the transformation of existing automotive manufacturing companies currently supplying internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles components, to manufacturing components for electrical vehicles. The transformation is based on being able to manufacture and source automotive component based on advanced composite materials which facilitates a greater flexibility in component design, supporting a greater flexibility in production, as well as light weighing. The reduction in ICE vehicles being sold coupled with a change to a more environmentally sustainable vehicles, represents a threat for these supplier but also carries great new business potential. During this transformation, the role of sustainable lightweight component in circular-economy-based business models need to be investigated. This activity is about supporting this transformation and setting up these businesses using the technology and methodologies developed in other projects.

Pillar: Business Creation

Leading organization: RISE SICOMP Research Institutes of Sweden

Contact: Yvonne Aitomäki (

Flagship: Zero Defect Manufacturing for a Circular Economy

2 Boulevard Thomas Gobert,
91120 Palaiseau, France

CLC Central
Christian Bölling

CLC South
Gian Mario Maggio

CLC West
Donostia/San Sebastian
Antoni Pijoan

CLC North
Björn Fagerström

CLC East
Johannes Hunschofsky

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