Smart and Flexible Clamping Solutions for Sealing- [SOFOCLES]

SOFOCLES project will develop a Flexible, Reconfigurable and Smart Collaborative Robotic System for handling and clamping large and complex aeronautical components for different processes, e.g. sealing, welding and WAAM. The matureness of the needed technologies will be enhanced up to TRL7, having at the end of the project a fully functional workcell that integrates:
1-A coordinated and collaborative dual-robot system for very high payloads and with a high degree of autonomy, prepared for a safe and efficient Human-Robot (H-R) Collaboration;
2- A flexible Handling and Tooling system, integrated on the robots, able both for manipulating and clamping the parts during the process (concept “Robot as a Tooling”);
3-A Digital Twin of the cell for the safe and efficient (H-R) interaction.

SOFOCLES will integrate different I4.0 technologies: Large Industrial Collaborative Robotics; IoT; 3D Vision; Additive Manufacturing for complex grippers; Advanced Robotic Simulations; Data Analytics.

Pillar: Innovation

Leading organization: Tecnalia

Contact: Damien Salle (

Flagship: People and Robots for Sustainable Work

Factsheet: here

Presentation: here

YouTube Video: here

2 Boulevard Thomas Gobert,
91120 Palaiseau, France

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