REal time monitoring of DED Additive Manufacturing Process for zero defect manufacturing- [REDAMP]

DED Manufacturing techniques are large-scale metal AM technologies that use an arc welding process (WAAM) or a laser with powder (LMD) to produce metal parts additively. They offer a viable alternative to traditional manufacturing, with a wide range of use cases in all industries, are cheap and fast and are waste-free since all material is used. Energy consumption is a 10th of the needed one for casting and subsequent operations. These technologies are of particular interest for high-end applications requiring high value material and are also well suited to repair products, thereby avoiding the need to store large amount of parts. REDAMP is a 2 years program aiming at adapting advanced on line monitoring and NDT techniques for early defects detection, associated to AI techniques. REDAMP will allow immediate repair during the manufacturing process, will avoid material waste and will be valuable for the certification of DED parts for demanding structural applications.

Pillar: Innovation

Leading organization: CEA

Contact: Samuel Legoupil (

Flagship: Additive Manufacturing for Full Flexibility

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