Cross-KIC Scheme

Cross-KIC Artificial Intelligence


Cross-KIC Artificial Intelligence As part of the Cross-KIC Innovation Impact initiative, this Activity aims at facilitating the KICs’ innovation capacities and leveraging the impact of the KICs’ innovation pillar. It will allow to position the EIT [...]

Cross-KIC Artificial Intelligence2021-02-03T14:12:31+01:00

End-to-end digitalised production test beds


End-to-end digitalised production test beds Digitization is the key for future manufacturing! Europe needs to speed up with respect to the digital transformation of its industry in order to maintain its competitiveness. Instead of single manufacturing sites, [...]

End-to-end digitalised production test beds2020-03-30T12:26:41+02:00

EIT House


Learning through manufacturing challenges The EIT House in Brussels has been established in 2017 and is available to serve all activities that the EIT Community is engaged to implement, both at Innovation Communities level, as part [...]

EIT House2020-03-30T12:48:56+02:00

Cross-KIC CLC Consolidation


Cross-KIC CLC Consolidation This activity explores the feasibility, added value and efficiency gains of establishing shared arrangements in selected European cities where more than one KIC currently has individual offices. The Cross-KIC project was initiated in 2018 [...]

Cross-KIC CLC Consolidation2020-03-30T12:41:52+02:00

Cross-KIC Global Outreach


Cross-KIC Global Outreach In line with EIT's vision to be the leading European initiative that empowers to develop world-class solutions to societal challenges and create growth and skilled jobs, this KAVA focuses on developing the EIT community [...]

Cross-KIC Global Outreach2020-03-30T12:42:52+02:00

Cross-KIC Human Capital


Cross-KIC Human Capital The Human Capital Cross-KIC activities aims at building infrastructures that connect the different KIC’s, with a focus on the domain of Human Capital and the Education vertex of the knowledge triangle. By building connections, [...]

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Cross-KIC EIT RIS The Cross-KIC RIS project in 2020 aims to build on the knowledge, experiences and results of the cross-KIC collaboration since 2017. The project will remain to be a platform for knowledge-sharing and coordination between [...]

Cross-KIC EIT RIS2020-03-30T12:44:42+02:00

Circular Economy Collaboration


Circular Economy Collaboration "This initiative will mainly strengthen/improve the already initiated activities (2018) regarding Cross-KIC Circular Economy. EIT Manufacturing will focus on technologies that will enable and promote Circular Economy in manufacturing. EIT Raw Materials organised a [...]

Circular Economy Collaboration2020-03-30T12:45:45+02:00

Finding innovative solutions for water scarcity in Southern Europe


Finding innovative solutions for water scarcity in Southern Europe A series of activities will address real challenges around water scarcity, boosting entrepreneurship (challenge labs, water academy...), skills capacity building for professionals and raising awareness among different actors [...]

Finding innovative solutions for water scarcity in Southern Europe2020-03-30T12:46:47+02:00