Next Generation Fresh Fish Picking System and Spectral Quality Control- [PICKAFUTURE]

Develop solution to perform autonomous fresh fish picking and spectral quality control in retail and potentially other manufacturing domains since it addresses various material handling-assembly problems and spectral quality control is a key enabler for other food industries which now rely on sampling. It is a robot-based bin picking with self-learning and new grasping tech from Kuka, CEA; visual inspection with machine learning from Siemens; and downstream research from CEA: versatile, adaptive grasping device; modular SW framework and vision algorithms for 3D location of fish. It is groundbreaking because automates fish manipulation and inspection of diverse size, shape and appearance by nature deformable; integrated in human-robot workspace where system can be trained to improve over time.

KUKA, Siemens and CEA desire to commercialize successful developments. Sonae validates the solution for retail. Food industry players can contribute to scale up the solution post-project.

Pillar: Innovation

Leading organization: Sonae

Contact: Marlos Silva (

Flagship:People and Robots for Sustainable Work

Factsheet: here

Presentation: here

YouTube Video: here

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