Success story: process & template

When you believe your activity qualifies as a newsworthy story or you have an interesting testimonial, you should start by preparing a short text including the main achievements and points of interest and send it to your primary contact within EIT Manufacturing. You don’t need to have all details ready to make the first contact and ask for our support.

EIT has prepared a standard template to fill in with the relevant information. You don’t need to fill in all information at once, but the template is a good guideline to keep in mind once your project evolves. Click here to access the success story template.

Read more about the procedure.

  • Activity is signalled as a newsworthy story: activity leader to prepare a short text with the main achievements and points of interest
  • Input to be sent to your primary contact within EIT Manufacturing, who will evaluate the potential for a success story. This person, usually the CLC Director or Program Director, evaluates whether your story has potential.
  • Once the success story has been perceived as promising, the activity leader will work together with the EIT Manufacturing to complete the story.
  • The completed template and supporting material (images, videos, etc.) will then be sent for review by EIT
  • EIT reviews the story and sends it back with feedback within a maximum of twenty working days
  • KIC reviews the comments provided by EIT and presents an updated version and designed success story ensuring full adherence to EIT and EU co-branding (within maximum 10 working days)
  • After this, the success story is shared and can be used for various communication purposes and channels: Presentations, webinars, videos, infographics, fact sheets, social media, websites,…

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