Feedback from partners on the first year of EIT Manufacturing – Survey results

During the last weeks, we kindly asked our partners for feedback on the first year of EIT Manufacturing. Many people responded and we thank you for your participation.

Overall, more than 2/3 of the participants in our calls for proposal rated the overall process as “satisfiable or very satisfiable” and the two-stage approach was considered very useful. Like-wise, the flow of information and assistance provided by the webinars and FAQs offered was rated by the vast majority also as “satisfiable or very satisfiable”. Considering the short period of time between announcement of EIT Manufacturing, the match making event in San Sebastian and the call for proposal, this can be considered a success.

Nevertheless, there is always a need for improvement. Issues such as shortening the time be-tween submission of the proposal, the submission of our business plan and feedback from EIT, as well as multi-year project approval require the interaction of different bodies. In the medium and long term, we will work to shorten the deadlines in order to give our partners better planning reliability.

Other suggestions can be implemented at short notice: For the next match making event in Milano, we aim at organizing with more detail the different sessions, in advance, and thereby sharpen the focus of the technical topics. Discussion on principles for the next call for proposal such as funding limits, number of LTPs will take place in the coming weeks. Here and in general beyond, we will once again strengthen communication with our partners.

2 Boulevard Thomas Gobert,
91120 Palaiseau, France

CLC Central
Christian Bölling

CLC South
Gian Mario Maggio

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Donostia/San Sebastian
Antoni Pijoan

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Björn Fagerström

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Johannes Hunschofsky

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