Education Pillar: An overview for 2020

In 2020 two important components of the EIT Manufacturing education strategy will be created: the EIT Labelled Master and the EIT Labelled PhD programs. The work activities have been included in the BP2020 and involve namely 8 and 6 universities, coordinated by EIT Manufacturing. These universities have committed to bring the programs alive by 2020 on behalf of the whole EITM Association. They will tightly interact with the Education Working Group (EWG) to involve the industrial stakeholders, as well as the RTOs and all the universities in feedforward and feedback loops. The EWG will be the arena to identify and develop opportunities for industrial challenges, research and innovation topics, industrial thesis, internships and mentor-ships to enhance the programs.

Both programs will be shaped in order to award the EIT Label, the quality seal that the EIT and the other KICs are pushing hard to become a very well-known European brand.

The EITM Master program will combine existing world class courses from our partner universities with innovative teaching methods like Learning and Teaching Factories, Digital learning and by empowering students with additional skills like entrepreneurship and networking, through Summer schools, mobility and other initiatives. The activity will develop the overarching framework, the business models, the financial flows, a common strategy for marketing and recruiting. The universities will align on one or more unified curriculum/a for Advanced Value Manufacturing and create a legal framework to share selection criteria and mutually recognize courses from the other partner universities, thus allowing international mobility of the students. Summer Schools with world renowned teachers will provide added value content like entrepreneurship or networking.

The EITM PhD program will build on top of existing programs in the partner universities in order to access to already selected top PhD candidates and to further empower them through mobility and other learning opportunities to become leading manufacturing innovators and entrepreneurs.

The EITM doctoral program will start as an add on, on top of running PhD Programs in partner universities. The Program will offer mobility, mentorship, networking, innovation & entrepreneurship, and business modules, to PhD students. Graduated EITM PhD will generate start-ups or innovate within manufacturing companies and ecosystem, contributing to European competitiveness, environmental sustainability and to the creation of new quality jobs.

The EITM Master and PhD programs on will prepare the students and graduates with the necessary skills to be the future leaders in innovative companies or start-uppers.

The first education event of these programs will be the first EITM Winter School by November 2020. Updates will follow in the next newsletters.

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