A word from the CEO

Dear EIT Manufacturing Partners,

This month was an exciting month for us all. One highlight was for sure our Official Inaugura-tion Event at our Headquarter in Paris; a unique and memorable moment for our partner-ship! More than 150 attendees listened to our keynote speakers from the European Commission, the Paris Region, the EIT Governing Board and the Vice Minister of Economy and Innovation from Lithuania, followed by the ribbon cutting ceremony. The second exciting topic in November was the presentation of our business plan to EIT in Budapest, in a formal panel hearing. As you can understand, everybody has been working hard to make sure we are thoroughly prepared.

We have secured a total budget of close to 31 million Euro of EIT grant (including rd. 3 million for the Regional Innovation Scheme (RIS) and rd. 1 million for cross KIC activities) for our first operational year and expect the formal approval by EIT of the Business Plan, in December. That final approval will be quickly followed by the signature of the Framework Partnership Agreement. This in turn will pave the way for a first release of the EIT grant.

We have also reviewed your survey feedback on our first call, held earlier this year. Thank you for sharing with us your experiences and suggestions. Your feedback confirmed the call was quite successful, while at the same time the team is seeing how we can implement your suggestions for improvements in our upcoming call.

Best Regards,
Klaus Beetz

2 Boulevard Thomas Gobert,
91120 Palaiseau, France

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Christian Bölling

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Gian Mario Maggio

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Donostia/San Sebastian
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