Digitised production test beds: Call for industrial partners

EIT Manufacturing, leading the project, has joined forces with EIT Digital and EIT Food to establish innovative and future proof end-to end digitised “test beds” starting with a first project within food production. The aim of this cross-KIC initiative is to create test beds for the European Industry in order to:

  • address the whole product life cycle in an end-to-end digitalised way
  • drive the digitalisation of manufacturing by leveraging digital technologies (AI, 5G, big data, edge computing, internet of things, etc.) in the shop floor
  • develop the required skill sets (e.g. through blended courses and workshops)
  • lower the development costs of digital industry solutions
  • drastically shorten time-to-market for new products

The first Test Bed Concept will be developed in 2020, and we are now looking for Partner organisations, ideally with an experience of digitalisation and ideally from the food industry (or similar) willing to be participate in the first tests starting in 2021.

In 2020, EIT Manufacturing, EIT Digital and EIT Food will jointly develop the concept for  the end-to-end digitalised test beds addressing scenarios in production area with a customer centric view on manufacturing.The test beds will also include relevant AI applications.

A major strength of these Cross-KIC activities is the heterogeneity of know-how provided by the different KICs and their partners. The latter will be selected with the following aspects in mind:

  • Competencies in the field of digitalisation in (food) manufacturing
  • Availability of experienced staff during the project period
  • Balance of the sectors
  • Regional balance

Objectives for 2020 are

  1. Study on maturity of manufacturing related AI technologies and services and identification of implementation gaps
  2. Development of a general concept for end-to-end digitalised test beds applicable to several branches
  3. Derived from that a specific concept for the food sector, which will be implemented in 2021
  4. Selection of partnership for deployment of concept in 2021

Implementation mode and sustainability

The establishment of each individual test beds is based on an agreement between the KICs and the partners involved. Details of the partnership agreement will be developed during the concept phase in 2020.

The joint project will give a valuable contribution to the European manufacturing industry. The future of manufacturing will consist of innovative manufacturing ecosystems which integrate high performance factories for customer-oriented manufacturing into the whole product life cycle including product development, usage and recycling.

Want to know more? Contact Timo Scherer timo.scherer@eitmanufacturing.eu

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