COVID-19 : EIT Taking Action

The EIT Innovation Communities are working together to bring innovations to help master the COVID-19 pandemic and facilitate the recovery from it, by launching new initiatives and leveraging existing innovation platforms. Some examples below:

Cognitive City to fight COVID-19: Climate-KIC’s partner, Exaptive, with the support of Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, has developed a Cognitive City, aiming at sharing knowledge and connect experts to stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus and accelerate the development of a vaccine. Only within the first few days, the community grew exponentially.

What is it? A Cognitive City is a data-centric social network with a goal. Once you log in you will have access to a growing repository of data, analyses, tools, articles, and people related to stopping COVID-19, and you will be able to add your own knowledge assets, link them to others, and request resources that you need in order to make your most effective contribution. Learn more about the initiative and how to contribute here:

EITHealth mobilising existing healthcare community. Objective: develop new ideas in response to the pandemic. A pick of the rapid actions: Developing new antibody therapies, 3D printing masks, tracking virus spread, free access to a platform with clinical data – and much more on EITHealth website.
In addition, the EIT Alumni Community is working on launching an online hackathon to harvest the best innovative solutions to answer to some of the societal challenges caused by the pandemic.

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