CLC East – Multilateral cooperation in research and education – some steps

The technical universities of central-eastern European capital cities Vienna, Bratislava, Prague and Budapest established the so-called 4TU network some time ago to promote multilateral cooperation in research and education. Until recently, however, actual implementation of joint activities had been lacking some real cause – and some funding. With EIT Manufacturing he have now ample room for development.

Johannes Fröhlich, TU Wien Vice Rector for Research & Innovation, took the initiative to sug-gest some concrete joint activities which were broadly discussed at a meeting on January 17.

Together with his counterparts from EIT Manufacturing partner organizations STUBA and CVUT and EIT Manufacturing candidate “Budapest University of Technology and Economics“, he developed a draft roadmap for the next two years. Extending the 4TU-network to a fifth partner – the Technical University of Ljublijana – ranks high on the agenda.

Incidentally, the Ljubljana University Incubator, has communicated its profound interest to become a core partner of EIT Manufacturing. On February 7, the first face-to-face meeting with the CLC East interim Director took place at the Ljubljana University Start U Centre.

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