The Guided Learning Platform (GLP)

The Manufacturing Industry is undergoing dramatic changes due to digitalization increasing demands on resource efficiency and climate neutral production. These changes can be achieved only with well educated employees. Consequently, EIT Manufacturing aims on skilling and reskilling not only Master or PhD students, but also people working in industry.

One important tool to reach people around and at their workplace as well as students is the Guided Learning Platform (GLP). The GLP will deliver short learning units, called nuggets, which can be consumed whenever there is a need for certain knowledge.

The idea of the GLP was very well received by our partners and the evaluators, since we got numerous proposals creating Nuggets for the GLP, many of them were rated excellent!

But the GLP will do more: It will help to connect the concept of Teaching Factories with the concept of Learning Factories. Both concepts aim at bringing practice into the universities and schools, although based on completely different ideas.

Learning Factories are models of production lines to allow practice oriented training. Learning Factories are reduced in complexity for didactical reasons and are designed for certain learning purposes. The GLP will support the interaction of the students with Learning Factories.

The term Teaching Factory represents a concept to connect students with professionals of a real factory. By means of video conferencing the employees show and explain a real challenge from their factory. The students then work on a solution in the lab of the university and present their solution by video conferencing, too. This allows students to work on real challenges without traveling and the factories to achieve innovative solutions. The GLP will serve as a plat-form to exchange challenges and solutions.

Based on the real challenges derived by Teaching Factory Projects new exercises for Learning Factories can be derived. This concept has been developed by the Working Group Education and is called “Industry Driven Education”. The picture gives an overview about the intended mechanism:

Based on the preparatory activity done by the Working Group an infrastructural project to implement the concept has been integrated in the Business Plan 2020. This project will run in close interaction with the working group education and the other projects dealing with teaching and learning factories, thus ensuring a proper implementation of the concepts, delivering a handbook for content creation and the necessary tools.

The platform itself will be provided by the partner Festo and will be ready beginning 2020.

The Directors Education thank all members of the Working Group Education for their invaluable contribution in the last year and look forward to a fruitful cooperation in 2020!

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