1. A word from the CEO

Dear EIT Manufacturing Partners,

I hope you all had a very good start into the “Golden Twenties”. 2020 is not only the starting year of a new decade but as well the first year of operations for EIT Manufacturing.
In 2019 we have made significant progress building a strong foundation and hiring permanent leadership, progress in reaching out to the outside world, progress in building our future plans and most importantly progress in executing the first call for proposals and developed a strong Business Plan for 2020.
Even we have not yet finalized the signing of the Framework Partnership Agreement with the EIT, all projects have started in January their work and I wish you all good progress and impressive results at the end of the year to demonstrate the outside world the strength and uniqueness of our partnership.

Unfortunately the Match-Making Event in Milan, February 24 and 25 was cancelled in alignment with the recommendations of the Lombardia local authorities related to the possible corona virus outbreak consequences.

As you are already aware, all the agenda was rescheduled to web based solutions and the Call for proposals 2021 was launched on the 24th of February so, let’s do our best to bring along ambitious and challenging projects for the Business Plan 2021.

Last and certainly not least I am very pleased to announce that the Interims Directors for Education, Communication and EU Affairs/RIS, CLC Central and CLC West passed successfully our recruitment process and were nominated as permanent Directors. Further Sophie Sartoris joined the Management Team as Director of Finance and Godwill Bancole as Business Creation Director.

Please join me in welcoming Paola, Cristina, Konstantinos, Christian, Antoni, Sophie and Godwill as members to the permanent EIT Manufacturing Management Team.

Best Regards,

Klaus Beetz

2. Call for Proposals 2021 and the Match Making Event that did not happen

Despite the fact that everything was prepared to welcome the EIT Manufacturing Match Making Event 2020 in Milan on the 24th and 25th of February, the event had to be cancelled following the recommendations of the Lombardia local authorities related to the possible corona virus outbreak consequences.

At this point of the time, all participants received already the relevant information concerning the rescheduling of the MME planned sessions (Presentations and Pitching session).

As informed, the arrangements were made to hold over the web a number of sessions of the cancelled Match Making Event 2020 and the web sessions will have the same content as the respective physical ones. The time schedule of the web sessions, the web access information and the agendas of the sessions was already shared.

Please note that these web sessions will be recorded, and the audio recording together with the presentations of each session will be made available in our intranet.

The planned Partner Assembly will be held via web conferencing on Wednesday 4 March, 14h00-17h00 CET. Taking into account the exceptional circumstances and the need to have the logistics organised, this was the earliest day we could hold the Partner Assembly. Registration / Access information and voting instructions will follow soon.

The Call for proposals 2021 is opened since the 24th of February, the submission system and the FAQs are already available and preparation for the operational system is in progress.

Another important fact is that for the first time we invite organisations that are currently not members of our association to participate in our Call for Proposals. So the PMC should be aware that they might be contacted by external organizations to start discussion on possible collaborations.

So, let’s get “Full speed ahead!” in order to bring along very ambitious and challenging projects for the Business Plan 2021.

3.The Guided Learning Platform (GLP)

The Manufacturing Industry is undergoing dramatic changes due to digitalization increasing demands on resource efficiency and climate neutral production. These changes can be achieved only with well educated employees. Consequently, EIT Manufacturing aims on skilling and reskilling not only Master or PhD students, but also people working in industry.

One important tool to reach people around and at their workplace as well as students is the Guided Learning Platform (GLP). The GLP will deliver short learning units, called nuggets, which can be consumed whenever there is a need for certain knowledge.

The idea of the GLP was very well received by our partners and the evaluators, since we got numerous proposals creating Nuggets for the GLP, many of them were rated excellent!

But the GLP will do more: It will help to connect the concept of Teaching Factories with the concept of Learning Factories. Both concepts aim at bringing practice into the universities and schools, although based on completely different ideas.

Learning Factories are models of production lines to allow practice oriented training. Learning Factories are reduced in complexity for didactical reasons and are designed for certain learning purposes. The GLP will support the interaction of the students with Learning Factories.

The term Teaching Factory represents a concept to connect students with professionals of a real factory. By means of video conferencing the employees show and explain a real challenge from their factory. The students then work on a solution in the lab of the university and pre-sent their solution by video conferencing, too. This allows students to work on real challenges without traveling and the factories to achieve innovative solutions. The GLP will serve as a plat-form to exchange challenges and solutions.

Based on the real challenges derived by Teaching Factory Projects new exercises for Learning Factories can be derived. This concept has been developed by the Working Group Education and is called “Industry Driven Education”. The picture gives an overview about the intended mechanism:

Based on the preparatory activity done by the Working Group an infrastructural project to implement the concept has been integrated in the Business Plan 2020. This project will run in close interaction with the working group education and the other projects dealing with teaching and learning factories, thus ensuring a proper implementation of the concepts, delivering a handbook for content creation and the necessary tools.

The platform itself will be provided by the partner Festo and will be ready beginning 2020.

The Directors Education thank all members of the Working Group Education for their invaluable contribution in the last year and look forward to a fruitful cooperation in 2020!

4. EIT Manufacturing Co-Location North is formally established!

The EIT Manufacturing Community is expanding in the North. On February 17 our Co-Location Centre North was registered as the formal Swedish corporation EIT Manufacturing North AB.

“It is really great to have the corporation formally established, so that real operations can begin” – says Professor Johan Stahre, who is the interim director of CLC North and also the interim director of Innovation in EIT Manufacturing. He also refers that “EIT Manufacturing will be a great entrepreneurial and educational asset to the northern countries of Europe. It will facilitate pan-European networking and it will create unprecedented innovative collabo-ration between European manufacturing players. ”He also mentions that “The CLC’s location in Gothenburg is quite convenient for the northern countries as a whole, and most industries in this region face similar opportunities and problems. In the North, we have for example a long history of excellence in sustainability, digitalisation, and work-design. Through joint ef-forts, coordinated by CLC North, we will certainly be able to contribute to the rest of Europe on the EIT Manufacturing platform.”

We welcome the Co-Location developments in the North and look forward to many success stories.

5. CLC East – Multilateral cooperation in research and education – some steps

The technical universities of central-eastern European capital cities Vienna, Bratislava, Prague and Budapest established the so-called 4TU network some time ago to promote multilateral cooperation in research and education. Until recently, however, actual implementation of joint activities had been lacking some real cause – and some funding. With EIT Manufacturing he have now ample room for development.

Johannes Fröhlich, TU Wien Vice Rector for Research & Innovation, took the initiative to sug-gest some concrete joint activities which were broadly discussed at a meeting on January 17.

Together with his counterparts from EIT Manufacturing partner organizations STUBA and CVUT and EIT Manufacturing candidate “Budapest University of Technology and Economics“, he developed a draft roadmap for the next two years. Extending the 4TU-network to a fifth partner – the Technical University of Ljublijana – ranks high on the agenda.

Incidentally, the Ljubljana University Incubator, has communicated its profound interest to become a core partner of EIT Manufacturing. On February 7, the first face-to-face meeting with the CLC East interim Director took place at the Ljubljana University Start U Centre.

6. Cross KIC activity – Jumpstarter

EIT Manufacturing is involved is several Cross KIC activities.
The new edition of EIT Jumpstarter, one of the most well-known European pre-accelerator programmes has just been announced. This year, for the very first time, candidates are able to submit their innovative ideas in six thematic categories. Be-sides healthcare, raw materials, agri-food, there are three new areas: energy, manufacturing and urban mobility. Applications can be sent until 15 March.

EIT Jumpstarter, recognized as the 2019 Best Association Training Initiative in Eu-rope, is one of the widest cross-industrial programmes designed for early-stage innovators who want to gain traction and jumpstart their business. The fourth edition will be organised in collaboration with six knowledge and innovation communities: EIT Health, EIT Raw Materials, EIT Food, EIT InnoEnergy, EIT Manufacturing and EIT Urban Mobility, supported by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT). The programme is especially focused on Central-Eastern and Southern European talents who want to validate their business concept, develop business plan and pitch their ideas to the potential future investors. In the previous editions, over 90 teams from 13 countries were already trained, mentored and supported in expanding impactful ideas into powerful business models.

EIT Jumpstarter is open to students, PhDs, researchers or entrepreneurs. Participants will learn how to get started on building a business in a unique cross-industry environment: how to create a team, business processes, and organizational design.
The primary focus is put on quantitative business model building. Through the EIT Jumpstarter programme, trainers and coaches will guide you to find the best fitting business model for your idea, and help you validate it. At the end of the program, graduates will prepare their pitch deck, business model canvas, competitive landscape, go-to-market strategy and a roadmap.

Applicants should put an emphasis on their innovative concept, competitive ad-vantage, target customers and potential market. Applications can be submitted once to only one KIC, and under the most appropriate thematic field. For more de-tails and application, click on this link: https://www.lyyti.fi/reg/Jumpstarter-2020

For more information, please also check our website (https://bit.ly/396uqZL)

7. EIT Awareness Day Croatia (Zagreb), 24 Feb 2020

EIT Manufacturing was represented on the EIT Awareness Day that took place in Zagreb, Croatia on the 24th of February. The Awareness Day attracted around 200 participants with high-level participation from Croatia. Among the speakers were the Croatian ministers Darko Horvat (Economy, Entrepreneurship and Crafts) and Blaženka Divjak (Education and Science) together with EIT Director Martin Kern. All the eight EIT Innovation Communities were represented and Marie Pauli, the interim Director of Finance from EIT Manufacturing participated in the panel session “From Student to Entrepreneur” where the concepts of Industry-driven education and Teaching and Learning Factories were shared with the audience.

EIT Manufacturing also had the chance to present up-coming opportunities e.g. the recently opened call for 2021 activities, the Jumpstarter as a cross- KIC activity and the call for RIS Hubs which will soon be launched.

Martin Kern, EIT Director, emphasized that: “Croatia can be proud of the progress made in the development of its innovation capacity since it joined the EU. Today is the day to focus on Croatian’s innovation talent and to better connect them to Europe’s largest innovation ecosystem with more than 1 500 partners and 50 innovation hubs across Europe. I encourage all Croatian entrepreneurs passionate about delivering innovation to benefit from the EIT’s programmes which provide, among others, entrepreneurial skills development, business creation and acceler-ation services. We want you to be part of a growing and dynamic community that is jointly tackling Europe’s challenges.”

As usual, a lot of networking and exchange of ideas was taking place between ses-sions.

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