Since January 1, we are operating under the New Horizon Europe programme.  This also implies some changes to our legal framework. The former Specific Grant Agreement (SGA) will be replaced by the Grant Agreement (GA) in line with overall Horizon Europe Model Grant Agreement (HE MGA). The former framework Partnership Agreement (FPA) will be replaced by the Partner Agreement (PA). An extraordinary Partner Assembly will be held on March 5 to approve the new Model Grant Agreement (MGA).

The Partner Agreement lays down the general terms and conditions under which the KIC operates as an Institutionalised European Partnership. The PA will be in force as of January 1, 2021, with retroactive effect from the date of the signature.

All provisions of the PA must be transposed in the KIC’s legal and operational arrangements, mainly the Internal Agreement. In order to reduce complexity for partners involved in several KICs EIT Manufacturing has worked jointly with other KICs to propose a joint Internal Agreement.

In order to ensure the mutual and consistent understanding and interpretation of the provisions of the new EIT KIC Partnership Agreement (PA) and the Grant Agreement (GA) which follow the rules of Horizon Europe (HE) framework programme, webinars on „Horizon Europe Legal Principles“ and the „Internal Agreement“ will be held at CLC in February, 2021, with recordings made available.

Please “Save-the-Date” on March 26, 2021 from 10:00 to 12:00 CET for an extraordinary Partner Assembly at which we will ask the whole partnership to approve the Model Grant Agreement (MGA) and give the mandate to CEO to sign the PA on behalf of the whole partnership.

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