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Regional Innovation Scheme (RIS)

The objective of the EIT RIS (Regional Innovation Scheme) activities are to help boost the innovation capacity in those parts of Europe are yet considered ‘modest and moderate’ innovators.The RIS scheme aims at transferring good practices and know-how building from the EIT’s unique approach. Meet some of our RIS projects below.

ManuLearn aims to deliver a program where students, researchers, and manufacturing practitioners work together develop their skills based on hands-on challenges.  The program consists of co-creating solutions to real manufacturing challenges, combining the concepts of Teaching and Learning Factories in an open innovation context, together with industry representatives.
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DigTrafoRIS contributes to enhancing the innovation capacity of RIS countries and regions, with a strong focus on  building digital capabilities of Manufacturing SMEs in EIT RIS countries. As part of this activities, Atos and EIT Manufacturing partners have conducted interviews with over 50 companies in Europe, and analysed the results of more than 20 open call projects.  This enabled the project team to establish a deep understanding of which digitalisation technologies are being used, and what gaps often exist in practice when compared with the art of the possible and propose a roadmap for the way forward.
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ShapiNG  is about raising the interest of high school students for activities in the field of manufacturing, within the scope of EIT. Students will interact and critically engage with challenges related to smart manufacturing from an early age, motivating them to consider a possible career in manufacturing. A network of activities, such as Open Days, Seminars, Digital Escape Room Games, Workshops and Teaching Factories for children will help and assist universities, research and technology organizations (FEUP, INEGI, Tecnalia, LMS and STUBA) in attracting and engaging young students to the industry.
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