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EIT Manufacturing’s education activities and programmes aim at inspiring and training the future and current industrial workforce. Our goal is to provide industry-driven knowledge and skills, addressing different employee categories and needs, leveraging the latest technology and providing a hands-on and interactive learning experiences. Meet a selection of EIT Manufacturing’s 2020 education activities.

Mirrorlabs prepares us for a future in which robots and humans work together. The project facilitates communication between workers and robots using Augmented and Virtual Reality. an acceleration programme, which provides SMEs and start-ups with the support and tools needed to excel their businesses and trigger effective connections, while introducing their competitive solutions into the manufacturing network of the EIT Manufacturing ecosystem.
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The Embryo project aims at engaging young pupils, in particular girls, into learning more about modern manufacturing.  To ensure a hands-on, interactive and engaging experience, attracting to young students, the Embryo consortium has developed a cutting-edge, hands-on learning approach. In addition to theory, students learn basic Arduino programming to mount and program a tabletop press to manufacturing a product of their choice.  In 2020, more than 270 students, with an average age of 14 years, have discovered manufacturing with the help of the new Embryo methodology, with the objective of inspiring more young students to a future in manufacturing. .
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TF KnowNet  aims at delivering a program where students, researchers and companies work together to mutually develop skills, promote, and share expert knowledge, and in co-creating solutions to industrial manufacturing challenges. The approach is based on extending the established Teaching Factory paradigm on a network level, combining it with open innovation practices.
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