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Meet a selection of our Innovation projects!

The EIT Manufacturing innovation programmes aim at bringing new technologies to the market and develop new value chains around hotspots. These will maximise impacts by rapid identification and early stimulation of innovation hotspots, which are defined as situations where enabling technologies can solve complex manufacturing problems and add substantial value and significantly contribute to industry transformation. Meet a selection of our 2020 innovation projects presented on the EIT Manufacturing Summit 2020 main stage and benefit from their results!

InnoVentilator: Responding to the current COVID-19 crisis, InnoVentilator is a solution that aims to optimise health systems, and specifically ventilators. The proposed solution is purely pneumatic, i.e. air-powered, simple, and safe to operate, simple to manufacture and could be licensed Europe-wide to manufacturers.
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CanvAAS is a user-friendly tool and methodology to plan, design, test and deploy the AAS interfaces on the end-user’s Manufacturing equipment to enable interoperability between machines in order to accelerate industry 4.0.
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Zero Defects 4.0 is developing and validating in a real manufacturing context, a data-driven Decision Support System that improves manufacturing decision making for process-based industries, while ensuring an improved and consistent level of product quality, higher production efficiency and more agile and cost-efficient product development.
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SoftDREAM: is developing software with the aim to make robotic additive manufacturing easy and accessible. The software integrates tools for simulation, tool path planning, real-time monitoring and traceability. So far, the software has been used to print demonstrators in automotive (polymer) and aerospace (metal). The results from the project will lead to improved agility and responsiveness by reducing lead times in production, prototyping and tool manufacturing, particularly in the European automotive, aerospace, construction, and manufacturing industries.
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These activities were presented on the main stage at the 2020 EIT Manufacturing Summit on December 10 & 11. In 2020, EIT Manufacturing has supported more than 80 activities.

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