EIT Manufacturing is opening up its innovation process inviting a group of young entrepreneurs to collaborate with the KIC.

In order to facilitate the identification of “hot” and innovative topics and approaches to create a sustainable and competitive European manufacturing sector where entrepreneurs can strive, EIT Manufacturing has established the “EIT Manufacturing Innovation Forum” (EMIF). The forum, which occupies an advisory role, was created with the purpose to contribute out-of-the-box ideas and inspiring inputs from outside the KIC community. With the EMIF, EIT Manufacturing aims to leverage the different mindset of young entrepreneurs. It is thus designed to complement the already existing initiatives within the partnership, which have been set to help identify future thematic priorities and invest in the most impactful topics.

To this end, the forum was carefully recruited in 2020 and is now composed of eight young and aspiring entrepreneurs. Whilst being mostly under the age of 35, the EMIF members, i.e. Amit Ashkenazi (Israel), Angela Ivanova (Bulgaria), Annelie Lundström (Sweden), Ján Michlík (Slovakia), Michael Welsch (Germany), Nuria Espallargas (Norway/Spain), Polina Vasilenko (France/Russia) and Valerie Fehst (Germany), bring a wide variety of experience and expertise to the table. All of them have been working on manufacturing-relevant innovations and applications, most have founded their own businesses, many with a focus on sustainability or digitalization. They are thus perfectly equipped to contribute fresh and substantiated insights to the priorities of EIT Manufacturing.

The forum is planned to conduct four workshops per year, mainly in virtual sessions. Each workshop will be dedicated to a predefined topic. These topics will be regularly brought forward by the Management Team and the Supervisory Board of EIT Manufacturing and then ranked jointly with the members of the EMIF. In the first workshop which was held in January 2021, the EMIF worked on the “Next Big Thing in Manufacturing”. A short-list of the results will be submitted to EIT Manufacturing for validation and further consideration by the KIC community.

I am impressed with the variety of ideas and results which was produced in this first workshop.”  Klaus Beetz, CEO of EIT Manufacturing

EIT Manufacturing would herewith also like to invite all its Partners to submit ideas/topics on which the EMIF could work on. You may send your suggestions to Dr. Dimitris Mavrikios (dimitris.mavrikios@eitmanufacturing.eu), COO of EIT Manufacturing.

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