Digitalisation of in-line quality assurance for additive manufacturing- [DIGIQUAM]

Additive manufacturing (AM) is becoming an accepted and complementary manufacturing process beyond only supporting aerospace, space and medical industries. However, independent on which industry the technology is implemented for, each and unique part needs to be secured in terms of fulfilling the properties as defined for that particular component and also the first time it is manufactured – “First part right” approach. Due to the nature of AM, we are able to quality assure each and single layer on-the-fly, meaning that with rapid and robust solutions we are able to check the quality as we manufacture each part. This project will bring together leading partners in AM ranging from industry, academia and research institute to provide a digital tool for quality assuring each and single unique manufactured part via AM. We will both provide a digital platform showing all valid and important parameters as well as how to use existing data to secure the quality of the part.

Pillar: Innovation

Leading organization: RISE IVF

Contact: Jeremy Jean-Jean (

Flagship: Additive Manufacturing for Full Flexibility

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