Digital Twin towards zero-defects manufacturing (ZDM) and circular economy – [TWINGOAL]

Digital Twins are virtual models of a process or product that digitally reproduce with maximum accuracy the behavior and performance of their real version to which it is twinned. In this project, digital twins of production processes, and assets will be developed and used to solve specific problems of machine tool builders and end users. TWINGOALS will impact at machine tool manufacturers (which will benefit from its application during design, engineering, commissioning, maintenance, and servicing of machines) and end users (more concerned about the machine operation, particularly the creation and verification of reliable CNC programs and proper maintenance strategies).

The main outcomes of the project will be the TWINGOALS modules developed within WP4, a feasibility study (2020) which will consider the eco-labelling or the EU environmental technology verification (ETV), and the exploitation plan (2021) which will be carried out within WP5, in order to define the market strategy.

Pillar: Innovation

Leading organization: Mondragon

Contact: Joseba Bilbatua (

Flagship: Zero Defect Manufacturing for a Circular Economy

Factsheet: here

Presentation: here

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