Digital manufacturing of optimized multimaterial conformal channel solution for thermal management of aeronautic electric propulsion systems- [AEROMC2]

The AeroMC2 project will manufacture the next generation of optimized thermal management solutions for battery modules and high power density electric motors in electric aircraft propulsion systems. The solution enables dedicated material optimization for low weight and cost, with high corrosion resistance and structural stiffness, while providing superior heat transfer efficiency and fast response time of 3D panels, in a large range of dimensions. The digital solution is supported by a new and disruptive manufacturing technology that involves addition of materials allowing full flexible design: Hybrid Channelling. The digitalization of this novel manufacturing process will create a platform for digital value network across Europe and subsequently around the world, for the manufacture of optimized thermal management system to assist the incremental development of electric aircraft propulsion technologies.

Pillar: Innovation

Leading organization: Aalto University

Contact: Pedro Vilaça (

Flagship: Platforms for Digitalized Value Networks

Factsheet: here

Presentation: here

YouTube Video: here

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