Cross-KIC Artificial Intelligence

As part of the Cross-KIC Innovation Impact initiative, this Activity aims at facilitating the KICs’ innovation capacities and leveraging the impact of the KICs’ innovation pillar. It will allow to position the EIT and the KICs amongst the major players and thought leaders on AI in Europe. As a result, the initiative will showcase and disseminate the main achievements of the KICs in the area of Artificial Intelligence (Innovation projects, startups/scaleups, education programs) and will link them with other European-wide initiatives (e.g. “Artificial Intelligence for Europe” and the AI Alliance).

Watch the video and learn more about EIT’s Cross KIC project “Innovation Impact AI”.

Pillar: Cross-KIC Scheme

Leading organization: CEA

Contact: Christian BOELLING (

Flagship: Platforms for Digitalized Value Networks

2 Boulevard Thomas Gobert,
91120 Palaiseau, France

CLC Central
Christian Bölling

CLC South
Gian Mario Maggio

CLC West
Donostia/San Sebastian
Antoni Pijoan

CLC North
Björn Fagerström

CLC East
Johannes Hunschofsky

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