Creating competences for Additive Manufacturing operators for powder material handling

EMPOWDER programme aims to establish comprehensive training for Additive Manufacturing (AM) powder handling, to upskill the AM industry’s workforce and add to its value. The online training programs under development in EMPOWDER will aid the progression of the AM industry’s production which will have significant social impact by bringing flexibility to customisable mass production lines. To develop universal, easy-for-the-user and low-cost training tools the initial step of EMPOWDER will be to collect all existing best practices, regarding material handling and machine preparation, from the leading players across the AM industry. This will be followed by the categorization of tacit knowledge and the guideline development for all AM procedures; accelerating the competence and advancement of the European workforce expertise. The final milestone will be the certification of the training programme which will then contribute to the training of AM machine operators and SMEs across Europe’s AM industry.

Pillar: Education

Leading organization: PRIMA

Contact: Eleonora Maria Marino (

Flagship: Additive Manufacturing for Full Flexibility

2 Boulevard Thomas Gobert,
91120 Palaiseau, France

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Christian Bölling

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Gian Mario Maggio

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Antoni Pijoan

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