Connected Assets iNteroperability framework Via AAS- [CanVAAs]

World Economic Forum cites 67% of respondents refrain from implementing Industry 4.0 because of challenges to connect legacy equipment due to lack of interoperability. Cisco estimates factories worldwide contain 60 million machines, with 90% residing in unconnected silos.

Interoperability of industrial equipment is a key issue of Industry 4.0, a requirement to answer to the challenges of mass customization and flexibility. The Asset Administration Shell (AAS) is a promising standard to address interoperability of production assets. Interoperability enables production equipment to intercommunicate seamlessly, providing new levels of automation and productivity yields. Manufacturing companies must grasp the opportunity on AAS as a main enabler for I4.0, but there is a lack today of user-friendly tools with a guided methodology for training workers in factories to deploy AAS for increased interoperability. The CanvAAS project will develop such methodology and tools to encourage adoption of AAS.

Pillar: Innovation

Leading organization: CEA

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Flagship: Platforms for Digitalized Value Networks

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