The EIT Manufacturing program aims at attracting & empowering top talent from its partner universities across Europe.  The objective is to further empower young talent through mobility and other learning opportunities to become leading manufacturing innovators and entrepreneurs. EIT Manufacturing PhDs will be one of the main assets of the EIT Manufacturing innovation communities, spreading innovation and creating new businesses within the manufacturing ecosystem.

The EIT Manufacturing Doctoral training Program offers mobility, mentorship, networking, innovation & entrepreneurship, and business modules, to PhD students. EIT Manufacturing PhD graduates will generate start-ups or innovate within manufacturing companies and ecosystem, contributing to European competitiveness, environmental sustainability and to the creation of new quality jobs.

Close cooperation with the industry is key for the development of the EIT Manufacturing PhD candidates, and in bringing value and to the industry through innovation and/or new businesses.

  • A PhD diploma (issued by the partner institutions)
  • An EIT Label Certificate
  • Follow one of the PhD programs provided by partner Universities (with the international mobility)
  • Obtain at least 30 ECTS (750h) of I&E modules among a portfolio of network-wide activities, annual Winter and Summer Schools, and the Venture programme. Students can choose the appropriate combination to define a personalized I&E education and to be supported in becoming entrepreneurs.
  • Watch out previous PhD students experience at the EIT Manufacturing Winter School 2020!

Scholarships may include mobility grant and fee waivers

Scholarships will be awarded based on ranking that considers:

  • Academic grades
  • Gender
  • Student from RIS Countries
  • Research topic

Industrial companies can offer PhD positions (Industrial Doctorate), based on the EIT Manufacturing thematic areas, and in collaboration with the EITM Doctoral School university partners.

EIT Manufacturing industrial partners can get the PhD positions partially covered by the Doctoral School.

Industries can propose their PhD topic to the Doctoral School office all year round, contacting the Doctoral School Office at:

The EITM Doctoral Scientific and Industrial Committee (EITM DSIC) will review the proposals and it will select the most relevant to be submitted to the students. Accepted Industrial Doctorate proposals will be published at the EITM Doctoral School and university partners websites, in order the students to be recruited.

Organizations/Individual experts that have not applied for or received partnership status are strongly encouraged to register to our experts area in Plaza. They will have the opportunity to participate to the Doctoral School annual programme as subcontractors according to the H2020/Horizon Europe and national legislation rules and other relevant local regulations.

In order to be considered for this education call, Innovation & Entrepreneurship and Education experts must fill the registration form at the following link:

Please note experts don’t need to have an account in PLAZA system.

Once completed the registration process, experts receive a notification e-mail by EIT Manufacturing, confirming the registration and including a link were to contact the EITM partners to discuss possible collaborations. Please note for Doctoral School calls we suggest to contact the EITM Doctoral School universities partners, listed above.

Candidates must apply to one of the partner universities first (see table above)

The partner universities will evaluate the applicants according to their PhD internal requirements. Successful candidates can then apply to the open Industrial Doctorate positions of the EITM Doctoral School, where they will be selected with a competitive grading system.

The applicants need to apply at EIT-M Doctoral School Applications Portal providing:

  • Documentation certifying the doctoral candidate enrolment:
    • PhD position contract with the partner university in its original language AND translated into English, *including the institution name, the title of the PhD position and the duration of the contract.* (If your university does not provide this service, the translation has to be done by an authorized translator and his/her credentials, signature and stamps must be visible in the translated document).
    • In case the student is in the on-going enrolment process, a statement in English certifying that he/she has granted the PhD position, including the name of the institution, the title of the PhD position and the duration of the contract. The statement must be written by the PhD administration office (or equivalent department), confirming that the student has passed the selections and you are in the process to be enrolled on that specific PhD position and giving the expected enrolment date.
  • Description of the thesis subject no longer than 2 pages (font: calibri, min font: 11pt.) including:
    • Short description of the PhD thesis subject
    • The relevance for the manufacturing sector
    • The innovation potential of the subject and expected research results
    • The entrepreneurship potential of the expected research results
    • A statement if the thesis is coupled with an industrial/research (not academic) organization or not, and if yes, the name and short description of such organization and contacts of the industrial supervisor (name and e-mail)
  • A letter of support from the PhD supervisor, giving the authorization to the PhD student to participate in all required activities, including international placements, training courses, annual conferences et. in accordance to the requirements of the EIT manufacturing.
  • Proof of English proficiency. Please refer to section: “What are the language requirements of the EITM Doctoral School?” for more information.
  • Curriculum Vitae (CV) including details on your academic and professional career.
  • A letter of motivation proving the student and research topic innovative potential. The motivation letter must point out:
    • The specific contributions within the field of manufacturing
    • The interest and experience in innovation and entrepreneurship, highlighting the main aspects and impact of the future business idea of the student.
    • The activities the candidate would like to benefit within the Doctoral School

The letter can be addressed to the “Selection committee”. How the organize the letter is up to you, but all in all the letter should not be longer than two pages.

  • A colour copy of student either National ID (only for EU/EFTA students) or passport

IMPORTANT: applicants need to submit a complete application package consisting of the above documents, in pdf and portrait format.

It is every prospective student´s responsibility to make sure their application is correct and complete.

Applications are open all year round, but selections are done twice a year (first quarter and third quarter of each year). You can to apply here  be consider for the next selection window.

All programmes are thought in English.

Students are requested to provide an English certificate (TOEIC, TOEFL, etc.) to proof their English proficiency.

Minimum certificate grade is:

  • IELTS >= 6.5, with no section lower than 6

A photocopy of the IELTS test result together with your application documents is sufficient.

  • TOEFL >= 93

English test results from TOEFL should be sent directly from the ETS test centre to the EIT Manufacturing Master School Office

  • CAE: grades A – C are accepted
  • CPE: grades A – C are accepted

– In specific cases an English proficiency certificate of the PhD Home University, having a level of English equivalent to the above international English certificates, can be provided

English proficiency tests are waived for applicants who:

  • Have completed a bachelor degree given in English at a university in an EU/EFTA country. The instruction language of the bachelor degree has to be stated in the degree certificate or its supplement, or in the transcript of records.
  • Have completed a bachelor degree given in English at a university that is physically located in one of the following countries: USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia or New Zealand.

– In this case, a declaration from the PhD Home university partner must be provided, issued by the PhD administration office, certifying the exemption from the English certificate for the applicant, according to the instructions above.

The EITM Doctoral Scientific and Industrial Committee (EITM DSIC) will review the application materials through a competitive selection process based on the scientific excellency and the academic qualification of the applicants and on their motivation towards innovation and entrepreneurship. A waiting list will be organized among the applicants

Selections are done twice a year. In 2021 selections dates are:

  • 29th March 2021
  • 29th September 2021

Selected participants will be contacted by the EITM Doctoral School office to complete their enrolment. In case of withdrawal, candidates from the waiting list will be contacted in order to fill all available seats.

Appeals are handled by the EIT Manufacturing Doctoral School Office in accordance with Belgian law. Appeals concerning the SIC decisions and the EIT Manufacturing Doctoral School Office about selection criteria, ranking and distribution of scholarships will not be considered.

The Program is free of charge for selected candidates. Students will be requested to pay not mandatory activities at a special rate, which will be communicated that the time of the activity application opening.

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