A word from the CEO

Dear EIT Manufacturing Partners,

While October was a quite intense month for the Interim Management Team further ramping up the operations of EIT Manufacturing, for instance setting up a bank account and the recruitment of the Permanent Management Team, we are all looking forward to November, with the EIT Manufacturing Inauguration Event and the hearing on our first Business Plan, followed by the decision of the EIT Governing Board on the EIT Grant for 2020. With this important step taken, we will focus on executing and implementing our ambitious plan together.

Further, we have started the planning of the next year and I’m glad to announce that the 2nd Match Making Event of EIT Manufacturing will be on February 24/25 organized by the CLC South in Milano. Please start to develop ideas and consortia for the Call for Proposals 2020!

Finally, I am very pleased that with this newsletter we start to inform you as well on the technical topics we are preparing during the Start-up Grant year. The innovation pillar will start to give an overview on the work done so far in laying out the ground for our future success.

Best Regards, Klaus Beetz